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Forum – Subject Area

  • Academics

    This forum consists of members of the BiKiE who are currently holding an academic position in a university or an institute. The purpose of this forum is to promote communication amongst senior academics, exchange information relating to academic professions and provide expert consultation on specific areas of biological sciences. The forum can also provide a leadership in different forums and develop educational programs for the younger generation (Young Bio).

  • Young Bio Forum

    This forum consists of younger members of the BiKiE who are currently studying for a degree such as PhD course or equivalent postgraduate programs. The members of the Young Bio forum can also register themselves under various other topical forums relevant to their current subject of study.

  • Plant Sciences

    Global challenges (e.g., climate, food, and shelter etc) can only be met in the context of a strong fundamental understanding of plant biology and ecology, and translation of this knowledge into field-based solutions. We aimed to stimulate discussion amongst the plant science and related communities, and identify areas of research that would have a substantial impact. We hoped to encourage plant scientists to think beyond the limits of their own sphere of research and consider the most important research that could possibly be carried out.

  • Nano & Physical Bio

    Nano and Physical biology is a relatively new area of research and has become an exciting field of research and an area of technology development, which used biological starting materials, utilizes biological design or fabrication principles or is applied in medicine or biotechnology.

  • Chemical Bio

    Modern biochemical research is based on the premise that life can ultimately be explained as a coordinated series of chemical and molecular reactions. Understanding fundamental biological questions at the level of how molecules act and interact to accomplish highly complex, intra- and intercellular processes will be discussed in this forum.

  • Brain & Neuron

    One of the greatest challenges in biomedical sciences today is deciphering how our brain works and the activity of individual neurons and neuronal circuits gives rise to higher order cognition and behavior. This forum will bring together leading researchers working at the forefront of systems and neuroscience to discuss cutting-edge developments in our quest to crack the neural code. The discussion will include advances in from tools and technologies to biology, related-pathologies and therapeutics.

  • Bioinformatics

    The forum is to help the scientist collaborate and grow by providing a network for sharing ideas and technical knowledge about bioinformatics. We fully cover sequence analysis, gene/protein expression, structure biology, system (or network) biology and software tools.

  • Cancer

    Based on intensive studies and researches in the last century, the fatality of cancer is significantly reduced nowadays. Nevertheless, cancer is still one of the main reasons in modern mortality. In order to eradicate cancer there have been constant exertions from the bench to the clinic regarding genes, proteins, cells and organs. Cancer can be fully understood only with systemic collaboration among various areas of biology, physics, chemistry and medicine from academia to industry.

  • Microbes & Eco

    The forum encompasses the breadth of microbiology and topics of particular concentration include genomics into studies of microbial activities, microbial interaction between microbes and their eukaryotic hosts, including plant, animal and human diseases and symbioses, understanding of biotic/abiotic interactions related with biogeochemical cycles, environmental biotechnology and theoretical advances in microbial population and community ecology.

  • Public health

    Public health research aims to improve the health of the populations and quality of life through the prevention and treatment of disease and other physical and mental health conditions. This forum will discuss various topics related with surveillance of cases and health indicators, and through the promotion of healthy behaviors.

  • Medical & Healthcare

    Modern socioeconomic and living conditions based on advanced technologies and systems result in extended human life. Especially the improvement in medical healthcare system plays pivotal roles in the health and well-being of peoples. Next challenge of medical healthcare would ensure sustainable people-centered health systems and reduce health inequities due to the financial differences.

  • Stem cell

    Stem cell research has received immediate attractions because of its therapeutic potent in currently incurable diseases or disorders. Growing interest in stem cells also influences not only our research focus, but also science-social communications in recent years. This forum will bring together scientist and clinician to share break-through in research, clinical application and social impacts.

  • Embryology

    This forum is for those working in the field of Embryology and Development. The amazing process of development of an embryo from the fertilization of the ovum to the fetus stage and the complex network of genes and molecules that orchestrate the process of creation are fascinating even in the current age of human technology.

  • Genetics

    Genetics, the study of genes, inheritance and genetic variation in all living organisms, is not only an important field of biology, but recelty it came a collaborative subject of many other science areas including the information systems.

  • Immunology

    Immunology concerns with all aspects of the immune system in all multicellular organisms. It has become one of the key areas of biomedical sciences and clinical research, imposing a direct and significant impact on the public health.

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