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10 Apr 2015 09:07
Master’s thesis at the FLI Jena

Brain development and Choroid Plexus Differentiation
The Herrlich Laboratory at the Leibniz-Institute for Age Research –
Fritz Lipmann Institute Jena (FLI) invites applications for a
Master thesis (Biochemistry/Cell Biology)
The FLI provides an international and dynamic research environment
with highly interacting groups. Our group is working on cellular migration
and growth. Research topics are how embryonic cells start migrating,
e.g. what governs migration of stem cells during development. The
project we would like to get a master student interested, explores the
role of a specific protein complex in brain development. We are looking
for a motivated student who likes to work on a challenging project that
involves cellular and mouse models elucidating the underlying mechanisms.
Further details and informal inquiries:;
Tel. +49-(0)3641 656163
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